Embedded development

Hardware, software, and development tools to accelerate your time to market

We are committed to shortening your time to market with our robust development ecosystem, centered around plug-and-play hardware and the industry-leading Code Composer Studio? Integrated Development Environment. Additionally, we provide extensive libraries of broad and application specific software kits, modular hardware for expanded system functionality, and expert code examples and support to help you develop and iterate as quickly as possible.

Hardware kits & boards

From affordable microcontroller hardware development kits (LaunchPads?) to 80+ functional plug-in modules (BoosterPacks?), we have the hardware you need to get your embedded development project off the ground.

Code Composer Studio? IDE & development tools

From our unique cloud environment of easy resource exploration and browser-based development tools to advanced debugging on your desktop, our development tools enable your journey from discovery to production.

Embedded software (SDKs)

Our cohesive ecosystem of software development kits (SDKs), driver libraries, and open source initiatives is built to get you to market fast while supporting your operating system and application protocols.

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